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6 Common Reasons Parents Start Their Kids in Karate 

Dear Livingston County Family,




I am Sam Larioza, chief instructor at Ohana Karate. 

I am delighted and honored you have come to visit our website!




We are very proud and have worked very hard to develop what many

believe is one of the top child/personal development centers in the country.   

We have listened closely to the needs of local parents, evolving from a school that just taught karate, fitness and self-defense to one where we now help children develop the key skills, habits and character traits to become highly successful and happy young adults and more importantly--- leaders!


I want to share the six most common reasons parents ask us to help them raise their children:


- Wanting their child to excel in school, sports and life - Is your child developing and reaching their full potential?  Are they doing everything you believe they are truly capable of?  What is holding them back?  Karate has always been about never settling for average, okay or even good.  It is about learning the habit of always being your best.  Always!  About facing and conquering your fears.  Did you ever wonder why "A" students just always seem to get all "A's"?  DId you ever wonder why other kids just seem to struggle all the time?  We know the attitudes, mindset and most importantly the habits that successful and happy children share and have learned.  At an early age our goal is to turn your child into a LEADER!  Is your child ready to be a leader?


- Lack of Self-Control and Self Discipline - These start with the basic skills of listening, focusing, doing things the first time, anger/temper control.  Kids do not tend to "outgrow" self control issues.  Without self-control a child will never be able to develop the more advanced skill of discipline.  It is very hard to succeed at anything without discipline.  Discipline is simply "The ability to do things you do not like to do or that are hard!"  The earlier you start working on this the easier it is to put in place or fix.  What kind of habits have your kids formed?      


-  Shyness or Lack of Self Confidence/Self Esteem - Fear is the number one thing that holds most kids (and adults) back in life.  The top fear is the fear of failure, not beiong good enough or rejection.  This may include fear of meeting new people, fear of trying something new or hard, low self confidence/self esteem.  The signs are simple:  Just listen to what words your child uses.  Does you child often say "I can't" before they even start?  Do they often hesitate or say "Can I just watch first?" with even the smallest things?  How do they handle making a mistake?  These fears can be faced and conquered . . . . . . . . . . Can you imagine your child in the first row at school and asking question?  Can you see them excelling on their first day on a new sports team or the first day of school?  Can you see them eager to try anything new or hard with enthusiasm and energy . . . . . like they are invincible?


- Bullying - It can be a tough world our there.  Karate is about learning to live your life without fear and respecting/protecting others - being strong AND kind.  No child deserves to be hurt by bullying.  Even the slightest bullying or mean treatment can crush a child's self confidence and self esteem.  Parents often never know their child is being bullied until it is too late.  We can help you detect the signs of bullying.  Is your child reluctant to go to school?  Has their performance at school or behavior changed recently?  Do they seem to not feel good or get ill before having to go to school?  Are you concerned about their social skills?       


- Getting Ready for Kindergarten and First Grade - Is your child ready to start school?  We specialize in teaching them the skills to not only be ready but start school ahead of their peers.  Ask any educator, the best indicator of a child's success in school is their "prior knowledge" and "life experiences".  The karate "dojo" is a special place to accelerate their lives.  Especailly for boys, are they ready to sit still and listen in school yet?  Is your preschooler really ready for kindergarten?    


- Poor Grades in School - Many children and teens struggle with academic performance or motivation in school.  One of the toughest things for a parent is a teen that hates school!  A teen's GPA is a pretty good indicator of how they will do in life.  They are forming critical attitudes, habits and a work ethic that will probably follow them for the rest of their lives.  Can you tell where your child is headed in life?


............ if any of these potentially hold your child back you are not alone!!!!!!!


. . . . . . . . . . But don't take our word for it: Click Here to hear from some of our parents!



"As a matter of fact we do make Ninjas and Superheroes here . . . . .


. . . . . . we turn kids into Ninjas

and we turn their parents into their Superheroes!"

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