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It's Not About the Karate!

It’s about something much more important…

Most parents come to us thinking their child will learn karate like the movies and TV. But, they are surprised by what they discover!

While we do teach great self-defense and fitness what this is really all about is teaching children the life skills, habits, attitudes and most importantly the character traits they need to be high achieving, successful and happy children. Kids can only learn by “doing” so we create a unique highly structured, disciplined and intense environment where they can have life changing positive experiences. We also feel it is critical to surround our children with a “village” of amazing teachers, mentor and peers.

But don’t take my word for it:

“Emma was always very reluctant to try new things and didn't adapt to change very well…..when we signed Emma up for "karate class" at Ohana Karate, we had no idea the wonderful program we were enrolling her into. As expected, Emma was very shy and hesitant to join in with her class. Truth be told, the first several weeks her daddy and I did more karate with her class than she did. But Sensei was great. He kept encouraging her and telling her what a good job she was doing. Sensei helped us work out a plan for Emma to introduce her to challenging situations in a safe environment to build her courage and confidence. I am pleased to say that in 6 months, she has gone from crying during class, wanting to sit on our laps, wanting us to go out on the mat with her to, enthusiastically participating in tournaments and even volunteering to demonstrate in class. I was so proud at her last tournament of her confidence. She didn't hesitate once.

The bonus I didn't realize that came with karate at Ohana Karate was the change I have seen in Emma's behavior. Through their Character Development Program, we have seen changes in ways we couldn't have imagined. The other day at dinner, she was already sitting down and I got up and got a napkin for her and I. Without any prompting she said, "Thank you Mommy for getting me a napkin." It may seem like a small thing but to go from constantly reminding her, "What do you say?" to having her show full and complete gratitude . . . it is amazing. I can't begin to account for the times she has said, "Mommy, that is the best dinner I have ever had." Or "Thank you Mommy for taking me sledding." or "Thank you Mommy for washing my clothes." I never would have dreamed that all that gratitude was inside my 4 year old. She has taken to heart the things that are being discussed during the "Mat Chat" as well as those things we talk about at home from the Character Development Program.

We love the opportunity Ohana Karate has give Emma to move beyond her anxiety and nervousness. I am so pleased with how the program is readying her for Kindergarten and life.”

-Tina N., mother of one, Howell

Yours for rock solid (and grateful) kids,


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