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Getting Stronger

"When I get tested . . . I just get stronger and never give up!" The most powerful lesson I have ever learned is "Every time I back away from a fear my fears get bigger . . . but every time I power through a fear I get bigger!" But one that is closely related is "When I get tested . . . I just get stronger and never give up!" The upcoming tournament offers you and your child this opportunity to grow. Sure it is fun competing and winning trophies/medals but the most important and valuable lesson my well be the pressure and stress of the experience. You want to teach your child to never back down from a challenge . . . but even better to instead be driven by a challenge. You want it to push them harder instead of backing them down. "BRING IT ON!" While we purposely use "good stresses" to develop your kids into stronger kids emotionally and physically in the regular classes, a tournament adds a whole other element. Just imagine your child patiently and confidently watching the other competitors before them, then walk up confidently, perform their kata or spar with everyone, including judges, watching them. They will also learn to win, and maybe more importantly, how to lose. You become stronger and more courageous when you do hard things. Now you could talk or show your child these lessons but the only way a person can really learn these lesson is by experiencing them. Your child has to emotional experience fear, hesitation, doubt, making a mistake, failure and losing. They have to learn to do hard things and things they do not want to do. They have to experience the desire to quit then the sensation of persevering. Tears are good. The more often and more intensely they feel this the stronger they get. The opposite also happens. When they live mostly an easy, soft life children (and adults) get very weak. (Ever heard of anxiety?) So these tournaments have the potential to give you child lifelong memories and experiences. Besides, it is just cool to win a trophy or medal!!!!!! Yours for stronger kids, Sensei

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