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So . . . Are you ready to check us out?

It is easy.


We start people new to karate all the time! 


So we are very good with beginner kids ( and parents! )


Just call or email me below and say "Sensei, I am ready to see what ya got!"  I will be more than happy to answer your questions then help you figure out if you are ready for a visit. 


We just love karate and the way it changes lives.  Hey, if this place is not for you we just want to help you find another school that is right for your family! 


I look forward to talking or emailing with you. 


I am just thrilled you're checking us out!

Visit our dojo or send us a message!

4176 E. Grand River Howell MI


Success! Message received.

Our Incredible Instructors and assistant instructors

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