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Step One: Check out all your options:

Call and/or visit other martial arts schools in your area! There are some excellent schools out there, and by doing a little research, you can find the right fit for you or your child! Here is a link to other schools located near Ohana Karate and the Livingston County area


Step Two:Read:

"Okay, So How Does This Karate Stuff All Work?" 

Step Three: Initial call or email:

After you have checked out all the other schools and you are ready to learn more about Ohana Karate, call us at (517) 586-1001, or email We would love to answer any questions that you may have!

Step Four: Schedule first visit:

After contacting us and getting your questions answered your next step is to decide if you are ready for your two “Evaluation/Introductory Sessions”. Every student must complete this before being accepted into our school. They are intended to help us determine if your child is ready for our program and for you to fully understand all the information about our school. We also want to determine if you and your child are the right fit for our school.  There is no cost or obligation to these lessons. It is just a great way to see if this is the right time and if we are the right place for you to do karate.  We do not want you to start here unless you are absolutely sure this is the right thing for your family AND you are ready to commit the hard work, patience and consistency required.


Step Five: Enroll:

We have a rolling admission process. New students start all the time!


After your second “Introductory/Evaluation Session” is the best time to sit down and schedule your start.

. . . . . . . we believe that if everyone really knew what we did here there would be a line out our door!  But, even if we are not the right school for you it is our missions to make sure you find the one that is.




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Follow these simple steps below!

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