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Is Your Child Ready to Be a Leader?


"Ohana Karate Leadership Institute's latest L3.0 Program"

At the highest level, a blackbelt is all about being a ………….. LEADER!


One of my passions in life is leadership! My path as a leader clearly started when I was fortunate enough to enter the United States Naval Academy at age 17. It was clearly a defining point in my life.  Leaders are not born, they are made. Our ultimate mission at Ohana Karate is to produce leaders in our schools, in our families and in our community.


The “Leadership Institute” is a special program to develop two of the most important skills needed for success in today's world - leadership, communication and teamwork skills!  Successful people are finding that their "Social IQ" (ability to work with and inspire others)is much more important than your smarts or talent when it comes to success.  

We are very excited to announce the start of our new “L3.0” program !


As most already know, this dojo is on an insatiable quest to constantly improve.  This is just the next natural step.  It is my ultimate passion and purpose in life is to learn and apply the very best personal, success and leadership technologies and training available – to make our students LEADERS!


We are now ready to unveil and start our third “generation” leadership program – "L3.0"  (we had two previous programs leading up to this latest version).



Here a summary of the program:


  •  The program will now have three levels

  • Level I:  “The Basic Level” Everyone at the dojo will be involved in the “Level 1” part of this program.  It will just be incorporated in the already existing Character Development Program.  We will be revising the Character Packets and upgrade them with a leadership element.  Each character packet corresponds to a belt. 

  • Level II: “The Undergraduate Level” This was the main portion of our previous leadership program.   It has now gone through its fourth evolution to become an intense six week leadership bootcamp/workshops where the latest success and leadership training will be taught to a select group of students.  They will not only learn the concepts but start applying them.  An application and interview will be required.  There will be a limited number of slots available with preference going to previous program students.  Participation by at least one of the student’s parents is required.  While there is no specific age or belt requirement, this program does work best for middle schoolers and up.  Each applicant will be evaluated individually.

  • Level III:  “The Post Graduate Level”  This is a new level that will be phased in over this next year.  It is designed to provide high school/adult level success and leadership training.  It will start with a series of Parenting Seminars/Workshops (because whether you like it or not, each of you is a leader in your family!)   The easiest way for us to develop awesome kids is to first help you become amazing parents!  Then we will conduct an advanced level semester of sessions intended as a teen/adult follow on to the Level II program.  More on this later.


  • The three existing “Certified Instructor Training” (CIT) levels.  These are designed to not only provide practical leadership experience but can ultimately lead to selection to the paid staff at Ohana Karate:

  • Entry Level:  Participants and graduates of the Level II program are invited and encouraged to help assist in one class per week.  Here they will be “under the wing” of a junior staff member learning the skills and techniques of teaching, communicating and motivating others.

  • Basic CIT:  By invitation, a select number of Entry Level participants will be given the opportunity to work a full evening of classes with pay during a 90 day evaluation period.  They will also enrolled in the Basic CIT course.

  • Staff Instructor:  After Basic CIT, students will be selected to join the professional paid teaching staff.  (These are the teen instructors you often see in the red and black uniforms!)

So we are extremely excited……..and we hope you are too.  We feel so fortunate to be in a position to bring these powerful leadership programs to our community!


So be ready to STEP UP……..and raise your standards!


“I NEVER DO EASY!”,  Sensei


Ohana Karate - "As a matter of fact we do make Ninjas and Superheroes here . . . . . . . . . . . we turn kids into Ninjas and we turn their parents into their Superheroes!"

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