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It is not just about the karate . . .

While we do teach exceptional martial arts here, we are about so much more!

This is one of the few places where children and their parents can learn the science of high achievement and success.  We teach what most kids are not getting today at school, sports or even at home.  More than ever they need the SLIGHT EDGE!


We have been absolutely obsessed and passionately driven by one question: 


What makes the difference between a child who struggles and one who succeeds and even thrives today?


We have been an absolute sponge for everything on child/personal development.  Then we validated all these techniques over the last 13 years helping parents develop 1,000’s of children.  Many believe we have found the answer.



Here is the secret to raising amazing kids in five steps (simple but it still takes a lot of hard work):


1. Change their emotional State and Attitude

You cannot perform, let alone excel, unless you learn to get in a peak performance emotional and energy state.  Much like a football team taking the field for a big game.  They cannot just walk out of the locker room and onto the field.  If you are low energy or held back by fear or anxiety you will struggle.  We intentionally have a success rich environment which rewards effort.  With this foundation we can then create deep, highly emotional experiences and life lessons that can be life changing – feeling and learning how to bring on a peak performance state and attitude!

2. Change their Story

The next step is to figure out what holds someone back….and break through those walls.  It could be things like shyness or lack of confidence/self-control, but for most people the limitations are self-imposed fears and limiting beliefs.  Here we use the dojo to change their “story” or how they think of themselves and the world around them!


3. Forge Courage and Discipline with Hardship and Failure

True high level learning can only be reached when you get pushed well beyond your comfort zone.  In this instant gratification world kids need to experience more hardship and failure.  They learn the most from their mistakes and defeats – persistence, perseverance and strong work ethic.  We can do that effectively and consistently in a high intensity, safe, loving controlled learning environment!

4. Raise their Standard

Once the first three above are developed raising the standard of children and their parents is easy and natural.  For those kids who are already high achievers this gives them a much needed place where they have peers who lift them up and share their accomplishments and standards instead of trying to tear them down.  You rise to the expectation level of your peer group!


5. Teach them the Skills and Strategies of highly successful leaders Once we have high achievers we can give them the powerful habits, attitudes, character traits and strategies to becoming highly success and happy young adults………..ultimately becoming natural leaders.


It is a tough, competitive world out there. 

Here is the good news – all your child needs is that SLIGHT EDGE !

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