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I Always Finish Strong

Dear karate parents, You have probably noticed each class has a "training theme". These themes are important and can be a powerful tool in developing your child and their character (and their destiny). Our training theme for last week and this week is:

"I always finish strong!"

I wanted to share with you some tips on how to help us maximize the power of this teaching tool with your child:

1. I will send out a weekly "Training Theme" tips email but try to remember the training theme and use it often when you talk with your child. For instance when you are having problems with them doing homework or reading just remind them of the karate training theme. 2. We are wording the theme as an "Affirmation". Affirmations are a very, very powerful tool. To make a long story short, have you even been to "It's a Small World" at Disney World or just heard a song on the radio and that song just keeps playing over and over again in your head? We use this same tool when you and your child say "Try my best" every time you bow at the dojo. 3. We have your child for 30 or 45 have them the other 23 hours! (okay, maybe teachers have them for 6-8 hours too) So while we can teach them a lot you have a huge potential to reinforce our character lessons. This does make a huge difference. Intentionally use our training theme to talk with your child. Here are a few talking points: a. Highly successful adult and kids just have the habit of always "finishing strong" at everything they do. b. Black belts always finish strong. That is just the only way they know how to do things. c. Relate it to school Many kids finish weak. Top student always finish strong. Use the saying "Our family always finishes strong!" d. Talk about people they know that don't finish strong. Then talk about people they know that do! e. Give some example besides school or karate. f. Above all "Catch them doing something right!" When you catch them finishing strong at anything praise it! So thanks for supporting us in the education of your child but more thanks for supporting your child so strongly! Look for more to come. Our next theme will be "I love reading!" to help usher in the Summer Reading Program. In August it will be" "I love school!" and "I always start strong!" to get them off to their best school year ever! Summer is about to start................................. but September will be here fast! See you at the dojo, Sensei

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