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Our Identity

Dear Parents,

This “Sensei Says” is very important. “It really does take a village to raise a child” so I wanted to take a moment to share what I think is of upmost importance in order to have an exceptional dojo – Our IDENTITY!

Why is “identity” so important? For several reasons - First it defines “who we are”. Notice I used the word “our” identity. To get the most out of any group you join or affiliate with you need to share their identity. You take on their identity. Just imagine a young man that joining the Marine Corps. Many times young boys can elevate themselves to heights they never imagined. As a matter of fact, right after Boot Camp his family will say “Wow, you are a completely different person – we are so proud, you are a Man now!” Second, it answers the invaluable question “Who are we and what are we here to do and why?” If these are strong then we are strong. I use the Marines as an example because they have a very strong powerful identity.

So I cannot emphasize enough how important this is. Here is “our” Beliefs, Purpose and Mission:

We Believe . . .

  • Every child is a precious and amazing gift to this world and our community. Every child is born with something special – unlimited potential. Their unique gift just needs to be uncovered!

  • Their success and happiness is only really held back by two things . . . Fears and limiting beliefs.

  • One critical key to opening and developing the true potential in each child is their parents.

  • It starts with teaching the habit of being in a peak state then raising their standards:

We simply need to help children and their parents learn the skill of reaching an elevated emotional and energy state on command (also known as great attitude, but state includes more than just attitude). This is what all high performers know how to do all the time!

Then we simply raise their standard. The two ways we do this are:

  • i. The best and most effective was to achieve this is to be around other adults and children with higher standards. This is the “village” needed more than ever in today's world to raise outstanding kids! (*like joining the Marine Corps!)

  • ii. A second way we raise their standard is internal. We do this by causing them to significantly change their personal expectations by having them experience a peak mind-blowing experience that tops any other life experience they have ever had. This raises not only their standard but their personal expectation of themselves and everything and everybody around them. This creates that insatiable, unstoppable drive to climb the next higher mountain. All high performers are driven by this acquired passionate appetite to grow!

  • Every child has a leader inside them that just needs to be let out!

  • One person can change the world, as a matter of fact it is only thing that ever has.

Our Purpose and Vision

To change the world one child at a time by “Creating a unique and special village/community giving parents the higher standards and the gifted teachers/mentors that can create extraordinary deeply emotional life and personal expectation changing peak learning experiences so that parents find it easy to raise amazing kids.”

Our Mission

“Ohana Karate is on an insatiable quest to be this community’s leader at bringing together in one place all the best health and fitness methods, child and personal development technology, leadership and success training, traditional and modern peak performance techniques. We will always be the innovators on the cutting edge. This will be done by developing the best teachers, mentors, rolemodels and leaders on this planet. This place will be unbelievable! In the end our mission boils down to one fundamental objective: Make people feel really good about themselves and their children. This is and has always been about feeling. These feelings must come from deep in their core, from their heart!”

Till next week…….good parenting,


Ohana Karate – “Actually we do make Ninjas and Superheroes here………………we turn kids into Ninjas and we turn their parents into their superheroes!”

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