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Summer is well under way and there is plenty going on at Ohana Karate! Make sure to mark these on you calendar: 1. The dojo is CLOSED on Monday July 4th for Independence Day. 2. The next "New Parent Orientation" and "White Belt Buddy Bash" is at 6:30 Friday July 8th. 3. The week of July 11th is Belt Stripe Test Week and the week of July 18th is our next Buddy Week. 4. ****Make sure to mark this one on your calendar: The Annual Ohana Family Picnic and Belt Promotion Ceremony is on Saturday July 23rd at the Fowlerville Community Park. 5. Adult Belt Grading at 6:00 Friday July 29th. 6. Dojo will be CLOSED August 8-12 for our annual Summer Break. See you at the dojo, Sensei ________________________________________________________________________________ Get ready and excited for the start of the Ohana Karate "Battle of the Classes"! We will be passing out more information in our classes this week. At Ohana Karate we are always innovating to create new peak learning experiences for our families. The "Battle of the Classes" is a competition between the classes to create a little teamwork, leadership and friendly competition. You goal is to be the class with the most point to win a special reward at the end of each month! You will earn point based on several key success factors at the dojo: attendance, reading stickers, character sheets and belt stripe testing. So rally your class, watch for details and GOOD LUCK! Sensei

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