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Notes from Mrs. Sensei . . .

“Free the child’s potential, and you will transform him into the world”

- Maria Montessori

Change is a great thing, embracing this I have decided to cut back on my outside teaching and private client work in order to focus more on continuing to develop our programs here at Ohana Karate. As we all gear up for fall and especially school you’ll notice we are implementing some exciting additions to classes. One key element is Brain Gym which is “whole brain learning through movement repatterning.” These movements enable children (and honestly ALL of us) to access parts of the brain previously inaccessible to them. This translates to enhanced cognition (attention, language use, memory, perception, problem solving, creativity and thinking) as well as improved reading and math skills! It may seem quite simple or funny but it is proven and used daily throughout the world!

You will see moves such as Star Fish Pose being introduced and this is directly from Amy Cuddy (a Harvard based researcher who has documented the change achieved in human physiology by Power Posing.) We will teach the children how this simple act will increase confidence, decrease stress & anxiety and improve their performance in any activity. I LOVE when science can actually prove things we “think” might work!

Additionally we will be using cutting edge components of the work of Katy Bowman respected for her Nutritious Movement philosphy and Maria Montessori who helps us understand everyone learns in a variety of ways, to Carla Hannaford PhD whose neuroscientific research opens a window of understanding in to the workings of our mind/body that is dramatically pertinent to children and adults” just to name drop a few!

Part of our philosophy here at Ohana dojo is the Japanese term kaizen, in fact our umbrella corporation is Kaizen Wellness because we seek to empower our community with not only wellness but any “change for better” which is the definition of kaizen!

Be watching for these new additions to our excellent program … because all of this is my personal passion I’m happy to discuss any of these changes for the better and answer any questions you might have.

Live A Balanced Life Optimizing Health & Wellness,

Mrs. Sensei

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