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The why of Starfish pose

One of our many goals here at Ohana is to provide you and your child with concepts and techniques to improve "life" performance. This pertains to all areas, enhancing our physical and mental abilities is what we are after. So, while we practice things like anti- bullying strategies, effective kicks and punches, stranger danger, positive character traits and "never give up" tenacity - another key element is truly mastering one's "state." Martial artists are justifiably admired for this ability. We strive to teach our students how to elevate their attitude and demeanor (or how to relax and quiet their mind) with not only traditional karate but also infusing research based, scientifically proven "new" methods. In the past we might have "thought" these things work, well, now we know they do! At Ohana we have long used very specific movements to strongly imprint ideas during our student creed, you will now notice our implementation of the "Starfish." This is simply a kid-friendly named version of the "power pose" from Harvard professor Amy Cuddy's ground breaking research. Striking such a stance and holding it for approximately 2 minutes ( it's a loooong time but we are getting there!) actually changes your brain and your physiology! To explain it very simply they have documented changes in your brain, blood, hormones, behavior etc. For our children this translates to greater confidence, much higher self esteem and reduced anxiety. Thus, a better performing person all around!

So simple, no equipment, easy to do anywhere, you can do it at home along with your child ...what's not to love right? Some of the things we do here may seem odd or silly but just know we always have a method to our madness! If you want to learn more about Amy Cuddy's research we suggest you watch her TEDtalk

or if you are REALLY interested read her new book ...... Presence: Bringing Your Boldest Self to Your Biggest Challenges

So stand up and give us a big Starfish pose!

Mrs. Sensei

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