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Two Words Your Child Probably Does Not Say Enough

"I Love You . . . Thank You"

You have probably noticed at the end of every one of our classes we say “I Love You…Thank You!”

While I truly appreciate the trust you place in us as a partner in helping you develop your child, I wanted to take a moment to explain why we are doing this so you can share it with your child.

Words: Words are so powerful, more powerful than you may realize. The language or words we use mold our thoughts. Our thoughts become our actions and over time these actions repeated become our habits. Our habits will define who we are and lock in our destiny in life. If you want one of the most direct ways to develop your child’s attitudes and actions focus on their words and language. You do not ever want to let your child make a habit of saying things like “I can’t” or “That’s too hard” or worst of all “I hate school”. But it does not work to tell a child what ‘not’ to say. It works much better to help them repeat the positive and constructive words they need to say. For instance you have probably noticed all the words we repeat over and over at the dojo. This is definitely on purpose. Things like the training theme of the month (currently “I know I only get stronger every time I fail.”) And how about the student creed. Or, how many times has your child said “Try my best” at the dojo? Every word leaves an imprint on their minds and hearts.

The two most powerful human emotions or states: So why should these two words be important to you? You and your child’s state and emotion are key to your success and ultimately, happiness in life. Of all the human emotions, love and gratitude are by far the most powerful and life changing. These states have built nations and empires. They move people and planets. When you learn how to tap into these two most powerful emotions you will have the key to not your full potential and success in life but more importantly your child’s.

Two words we do not say enough: These are definitely two words we all do not say enough. But even more, these are two EMOTIONS we do not feel enough. The words are “I love you” and “Thank you”. Do you know a child or even an adult that can go a whole day without saying either? See if you can notice how often those around you (besides at the dojo) say these two words?

How to use them properly: Part of the challenge is most of us do not know how to use the words powerfully or at its highest level. You can say “I love chocolate!” or “Hey thanks Dude.” or “I love going to Florida!” In other words you can love and thank things or people but both love and gratitude at their highest level are a state, an emotion, an energy, that you feel in your heart and radiates from your body and soul. IN its most powerful application it does not just turn on when directed at something or someone. It is a feeling or state you are in, not focused on anything in particular. You can harness this amazing power you already have inside you.

So is saying “I love you...thank you” a little uncomfortable for you? Well I hope this helps by putting “I love you…thank you” into a little better perspective and maybe understanding the reason for its value to you and your child at this dojo. But then again, being a little uncomfortable just might be a good thing. That discomfort might be a signal you are a little outside your comfort zone. Isn’t that where learning and growth happen?

Repeat after me: “I love you…Thank you.”, “I love you…Thank you.”, “I love you…Thank you.”!

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