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Growth Mindset

“The harder I try . . . the stronger and smarter I get!”

This growth versus fixed mindset may well be the one most important things you can learn in raising your child.

It literally is the basic foundation for not only their success in school, work and life but you really cannot develop character without it. It is that important!

The very first step is AWARENESS. But, the good news is if you can learn to identify it quickly and easily you have 80% of the battle won! Once you can see the mindset and behavior in yourself and others, you will not be able to help but choose what you and your child do. The end goal will be to create and sustain a family and home that is a strong growth mindset environment. Kind of like rich soil, clean water and plenty of sun for a seedling!

First take this short test. Remember most of us are a blend of fixed and growth mindsets.

Check all the statements with which you agree:

1. _____ There are just some things I’ll never be good at.

2. _____ When I make a mistake, I try to learn from it.

3. _____ When others do better than me, I feel threatened.

4. _____ I enjoy getting out of my comfort zone.

5. _____ When I show others I’m smart or talented, I feel successful.

6. _____ I feel inspired by the success of others.

7. _____ I feel good when I can do something others cannot.

8. _____ It’s possible to change how intelligent you are.

9. _____ You shouldn’t have to try to be smart – you just are or you aren’t.

10. _____ I enjoy taking on a new challenge or task with which I am unfamiliar.

The odd-numbered statements indicate a fixed mindset, while the even-numbered statements illustrate a growth mindset. It’s important to know where you are as a starting point, but whether you’re more closely aligned with a fixed or growth mindset or a mixture of both, the goal will be the same – to hone your growth mindset skills so you can create the environment to raise a super growth mindset child!

See you at the dojo,


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