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Courage can only be developed in the presence of FEAR!

I Always Stand up for myself and others! Parents, I wanted to let you know that there is another reason we want to teach your child how to fend off bullies . . . and it may be even more important than the reason you originally thought! "It is not about the karate here." While we teach great fitness, martial arts and self defense, this school is about CHARACTER! There really are two primary character traits we need to focus on and develop in your child. The two are COURAGE and DISCIPLINE. We are working on the first one, courage, with this training theme. Here is the key to remember when developing courage. “Kids can only learn by doing!” and “Courage can only be learned in the presence of FEAR!” Without the emotional experience of fear, courage cannot truly be learned. Now this fear does not have to be intense or life threatening. Actually it is really the small fears and limiting beliefs that holds each of us back. It can be the fear of raising your hand. Or the fear of public speaking. Or the fear of meeting new people. Or the fear of what others will think. Shyness is a fear. Anxiety is fear. The one fear that we can use that your kids probably encounters daily at school is the bullying, controlling or inappropriate behavior others do onto them and their friends. We are teaching them to use this fear or hesitation of “standing up for themselves and others” as a way for them to develop courage. It is an opportunity that already happens to them every day. We can take advantage of this fear and repetition. We want to teach them that they are to always act and do something. Because if they just watch and become a “silent bystander” they actually reinforce their fear of standing up and will lose courage! When you face your fears YOU get stronger . . . when your fears back you off your FEARS get stronger!

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