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. . . more about Abduction Safety.

Keep them Safe but do not over protect or scare them!

By now you have probably already seen the video and blog we produced in light of the recent abduction attempts. I wanted to share with you the reason I felt compelled to make them.

It was hard to not to notice all the thoughts and comments flying across social media recently. While it is welcome spotlight on the need to protect our children, I could not help but cringe at times. While I know the comments were well intended, it was just hard to stand by and not reach out to help counter the sincere but sometimes erroneous information.

One particular comment really struck me. A mom wrote something to the effect of “I am going to take my kids out of school and homeschool them!”

Now there is nothing wrong with homeschooling and we love all our homeschool families here. It is a great way to educate your children. But, homeschooling your kids to “protect” them might not be the right idea for two reasons.

First, as your children get older you cannot protect them 24/7. As they approach their teen years and get more involved in activities and socialize with their peers, they will spend more and more time away from you. You are NOT making them safer by keeping them close to you. You can never protect them all the time. The only way you will ever have peace of mind is when you know they can take care of themselves. So instead of protecting your children . . . teach them how to protect themselves!

The second reason might be even more compelling. You do not want to teach your child to be scared or afraid. You have to remember young children amplify YOUR emotions. Additionally television and the news does not help! If they think the world is dangerous and there are nothing but bad people out there it will drastically change their “identity” and how they see themselves, and the world around them. Have you ever met a person that was afraid to travel? Have you ever met an elderly person afraid to even leave their home? You do not want to start your child down the road of paranoia or anxiety. You want children full of love instead of fear, courage instead weakness, and giving instead of scarcity. We want children who are Kind and Strong! Both of these cannot exist in the presence to fear! So let’s work hard not to scare your children!

"I always stand up for myself and others!”


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