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I can't wait for school to start!

Success Habits

Where did the summer go? It’s the last week of summer (for most of you) and school starts next week!!!!!

We know after years of doing this, the transition to the school year can be challenging for our families. Here is the key - HABITS! Just remember, your young children are forming the habits which will probably last a lifetime. Why are some people strong starters and even stronger finishers? While other just seem to struggle all the time. Here are some quick tips you can use to form the habits of success in your child: 1. Set a "Family Culture" - This one is huge and where it all starts. Think of culture as "just the way we do it here". To do this just keep saying, doing and reinforcing these simple words "In our family education is important and we ALWAYS start strong!" Then just keep repeating these words to yourself and your child. 2. You get excited - This one is also big. Believe it or not your kids mirror your emotions. If you are more excited then they are for school to start they will get even more excited. But what if you dread the start of school and hate the first day? (Hint: YOU have to get excited first!) 3. Structure and Certainty- Kids do not like chaos. They thrive on structure and certainty. What does this mean? Don’t wait until Monday morning the 27thto say “OGM, hurry, wake-up we’re late, get up we have to go to school”. Start them on a school time routine this week. Go to sleep and get up as if you are going to school. Do a dry run rehearsal and make it fun.

4. De-stress the start of their day– How you and your child start your day is huge. Unfortunately, many families routinely get off to a rough one. Do you know a mom whose kids just won’t get up, complain about breakfast, are always missing something they need for school and are always late for the bus or getting into the car? Heck, adults have a hard time shrugging off bad moods!

5. Raise the bar– We will talk about this more once school starts but set high expectations applied with a growth mindset, then make them do hard things!

Finally watch the words they say. Never let them get started saying “I hate school”. This is why at the dojo, our training theme this week is “I can’t wait for school to start!”

There is a method to our madness! Gambatte Kudasai, and I can't wait for school to start!


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