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The most powerful thing you can do for your child right now

The start of school is probably closer than you want to believe. But it is coming fast. One of our responsibilities and main objectives in the month of August is preparing your child for their best school year ever. But not so much so they excel this year, but more importantly so they form the "habit" of starting strong, achieving and succeeding. Always changing and improving. Getting better. Success is just a habit. Just as struggle and failure is a habit. Think about it. Where did all your initial habits come from? From birth to age 5, they probably came from your parents (or whoever raised you). So yes, do buy the new school clothes/supplies and do start a school-like schedule/routine but you can take it to the next level this year. I want to share with you the most important and powerful thing you can do for your child right now. You may be sad summer is coming to a close. You may feel summer has been too short. You already may miss all the great times you have spent with them over the last few months. Or, maybe your summer has been long enough and you cannot wait for them to get back to school! No matter what you feel you can do one powerful thing right now - GET YOUR CHILD EXCITED ABOUT SCHOOL! Here is the only key you have to remember: Your child will mirror your emotions!

No this is not “Fake it until you make it!” It is not about faking it or tricking your kids into being excited. Instead it is about first, being aware, then intentionally creating the emotional environment you want your child to feed off of.

Are you creating the environment of excitement and eager anticipation? Or are you building the environment of “I don’t really want to do this.” or “Do we have to do this?” (Of course, at its worse, this can turn into the dreaded “I hate school!”)

But I will leave you with what may be the most dangerous emotion for success and high achievement – the emotion of apathy or indifference?

So just use these three steps: Notice - Choose - Act.

First notice the emotional and energy environment you are creating around your child. Then choose if this is the environment you want. Finally, if not, take action to make it happen.

Just start using the phrases “I’m excited!”and “I can’t wait!”

Yours for stronger kids (. . . and kids who start school strong),


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