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B2S Part Seven: Seven Steps to School Success this Year

All the schools have laid out their plans. Every district will have one online school day a week. They are also ready to quickly shift to an all online format if the State falls back to Stage Three, or if they experience a virus outbreak. Families can elect all virtual school with the option to return to the classroom later. Other parents have opted to go the homeschool route. So bottom line, we have to be both prepared for online/at home learning and the ability to change or pivot with a moment’s notice.

We are going to help get you ready. Remember: Luck, Choice and Habits are the three things that pretty much determine our path in life.

There are three types of people in this world. Type #1: Make things happen. Type #2: Watch things happen. Type #3: Say “what just happened?” Type #1 people choose to take action to intentionally take charge and lead, while Type #2 and #3 tend to wait and let others make the choices for them.

How are you doing with your Back-to-School preparations? Remember, you don’t have to be perfect. The key is just to start the process, focusing on the “starting line”.

Here is a summary of the seven specific action steps you can take to set your child up for success. (*You can go to the Blog page on our website for more details in a library of all my past “B2S” articles.). There is no reason your child can’t have their best school year ever.

1. Become aware of, then choose your energy/emotional STATE

2. Be intentional on what you FOCUS your mind on

3. Use the right STRATEGY (action plan):

*Action Step #1: Clarity – Did you write out your family statement and commitment for the new school year? Remember, people do not lack motivation. They just lack clarity.

*Action Step #2: Environment/Culture – Did you go Back-to-School shopping with your child to set up “their” home classroom? Set them up for success.

*Action Step #3: AM Routine – Did you decide on a morning routine with your child? Did you do it yesterday? Remember, the most important part of the day for success is the first hour.

*Action Step #4: Optimize for the Start – What does their daily start look like? Make it easy by just focusing on the most important part, the start. Just teach them the critical habit of “showing up”.

*Action Step #5: Structure and Schedule – Did you have a rough draft of your initial daily schedule? Don’t expect it to be perfect . . . yet.

*Action Step #6: Immediate Reward – Did you post a copy of Habit Chart #12 until you can find an even better immediate reward? Start filling it out daily.

*Action Step #7: Linking – Were you able to find existing satisfying habits you can link to this new habit?

4. Then stop talking and do the reps – REPETITION. Commit to - “I may miss a day, but I will never miss a second day, ever!”

5. In the end, your habits become your IDENTITY.

We are supporting you by giving you a clear, simple and easy process you can use. I will finish out this article with the two final points – 1.) REPETITION - Stop talking and do the reps, and 2.) IDENTITY.

Repetition: Make it easy on yourself. You don’t need to be perfect. Just focus on starting a “process”. Will there be bumps on the road? Sure. Expect it. You are teaching. You are teaching your child to how to develop their habits. To keep you going just remember this commitment - “I may miss a day, but I will never miss a second day, ever!”

Identity: How do you know when you have done a good job? When your new habits transform into a part of your identity. When it goes from being something you DO to something you ARE. You go from doing it because you know you should, to doing it because you can’t do it any other way. Your actions become your habits. Your habits become your identity. Your identity becomes your destiny.

Remember, keep your eye and focus on that starting line for now. For many of us that is next week. Put it on your child’s calendar!

Embrace the change. Stay strong.

Yours for stronger kids,


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