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Is your child held back by their fears, limiting beliefs, anxiety or social skills?

What's missing?
The need for a different approach 

     After working with parents and children over the last 21 years, we believe we may have uncovered the key to developing thriving, happy and highly successful children in today’s world.  

     Raising a child today is much different than when you and I were kids.  But "success leaves clues" . . . and we would like to share what we and 100’s of parents have discovered!


Parent's dilemma with children today 


     Have we as parents been unknowingly and with good intention been over-protecting and shielding our children from the good "stresses" needed to develop emotional strength?  Did Covid make it even worse? 


     Is it just me or does it seem like we have a generation of kids with more fears, self-doubt and anxiety?  Children who give up too easily, cannot work hard, stay on task, or complete things?  Young adults who struggle at maintaining important relationships or holding a job?  And what about the so called increase in “mental health” issues today? We believe one of the causes may be because we have begun to develop children who are emotionally "weak".  

Emotional Strength


     Yes, there are real medical mental health issues but what if our kids were just stronger? What if they had the strength to counter their emotional challenges earlier when they are young and before they snowball?


     Instead of treating our kid’s mental health symptoms and results, let’s be proactive by going back and re-build their strength.  


     Yes, life is hard.  It will always be hard.  Life will always throw obstacles and difficulties at you.  But to succeed you must have the strength to do the hard work and the grit to persist and persevere.  Like the saying "Don’t prepare the road for the child . . . instead prepare the child for the road.”  You want your child to live a good life, not an easy life.

Parents:  If you want to learn more, click "What's Missing?" below: 


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Experience a fun, safe, and empowering school 

""While we do teach fitness and self defense, this is really about developing  emotional "strength" and  habits.  These are the two keys to developing happy, high achieving and successful children, teens and adults.  A Karate Dojo is a rare and special place where a family can grow together."

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